Secure Your Future with Florida Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important investment and if you are considering purchasing a life insurance policy, make sure you are aware of each of your options. The experts at Aventura Insurance Group have many years of experience specializing in Florida life insurance and can guide you in choosing the perfect plan.

Life insurance is an agreement between you (the policy holder) and the insurance company, where you agree to make payments to the company and in return the company agrees to pay a sum of money to a person of your choosing when you pass away, protecting your financial resources.

There are different types of life insurance. Read below to learn more about each type and see if it is right for you.

  • Term Life Insurance. This type of life insurance requires regular fixed payments in exchange for coverage for an agreed upon number of years. This plan only pays a death benefit if the insured passes away before the plan expires. You can review Florida term life insurance quotes for free, by contacting us.
  • Whole Life Insurance. This policy also requires fixed payments on a regular schedule and guarantees coverage up to a certain age. Whole life policies guarantee a death benefit even if the insured outlives their policy.
  • Universal Life Insurance. This plan differs from the above by allowing payments of varying amounts at any time. Coverage from universal life plans can be maintained indefinitely.

For more information on Florida life insurance and how to choose the right policy for you, call to speak with an expert at (305) 933-2282.