Get Low Rates on Group Health Insurance

When you’re shopping for health insurance for a group, you have a lot of factors to take into consideration. For employers looking to attract potential employees to their business, having comprehensive group health benefits can work in your favor. We understand this, and that is why when we help you compare Florida group health insurance quotes, we take the time to find the right plan for your group.

We provide group insurance to employees or other types of groups such as members of an association. There are a wide variety of plans to choose from depending on the type and size of your group. When you work with our experts, we will help you review your options and take into consideration the different group plans available:

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). An affordable and flexible individual plan that includes benefits from a large network of medical professionals as well as care providers outside of the preferred network. However, employees can save more money by choosing care within the network.
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Considered the most affordable plans, an HMO creates a network of thousands medical professionals, hospitals and other care providers for your employees to choose from.
  • POS (Point of Service). A POS combines features of a PPO and an HMO. You can choose a primary care physician without a referral. Employee coverage includes health coverage from both in and out of network medical professionals.

If you have questions concerning what health plan may work best for your unique group, do not hesitate to call us at (305) 933-2282 and speak with an expert. Get your free quotes and save on group health insurance in Florida now!